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Trail Riding Adventures

Thank you for visiting Spirit Reins Ranch! A trail ride through this mountainous coastal region is sure to be an experience you won’t forget. We offer a range of unique trail ride adventures, choose by duration or location, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Custom trail riding packages can be arranged in advance 
which can include an overnight camping package, as well as 
birthday packages, groups and/or special events.


Due to the nature of our small business we cannot accept “drop-ins.” Please see our contact page to book your trail ride adventure!

Health and Safety


As members of Equine 
Canada we adhere to safety policies and practices set out by the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation. All guests will be given an introductory orientation to safe horse
 care and handling before every trail ride to equip them with the 
necessary tools and safety measures in handling a horse safely
 and humanely. All riding equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.

  • All guests must wear a proper fitting riding helmet. Provided.

  • Please dress appropriately for riding and weather conditions, wearing layers is recommended. Long pants and sturdy footwear are required to ride. Guests are encouraged to bring their own refillable water containers and snacks. 

  • Children under 10 are not permitted on trail rides per our insurance policy.

  • First timers, beginners or riders in need of extra support have a group max of 1-2 people per ride. Experienced and advanced riders have a group max of 7 people per ride. Number ofguests and trail ride location will be determined by the trail guides.

  • For the comfort and safety of our guests and horses we typically cannot accommodate persons weighing above *approx. 250 lbs (20% of the horses weight). *Please inform either Karen or Bill of any physical/ mental conditions or concerns which may impact your riding experience, so we can plan the best experience for everyone. All personal information is confidential.


We appreciate that each of our visitors is seeking a particular experience, our rides are customized to fit your needs and comfort level. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Guests riding experience can be determined here:

  1. Novice/Beginner: Has ridden a horse 0-5 times, 0-3 riding lessons, no formal shows or competitions.

  2. Intermediate/Experienced: Has ridden a horse consistently for over a year, more than 4 lessons, competed in shows or events.

  3. Advanced: Has ridden more than 3 years consistently, has obtained rider levels through Provincial Equestrian Federation or competed for more than 2 years in shows or events.


Cancellation Policy


Please give 48 hours notice for cancellations on all pre-booked trail rides. Sudden weather and terrain differences may cause changes in your trail ride experience. We reserve the right to cancel due to bad weather. Charges may be applied for guests who do not adhere to the cancellation policy (75%) *All prices are subject to 15% HST provincial sales tax.

We reserve the right to cancel rides due to weather, trail conditions, or unforeseen circumstances.

Choose Your Trail Riding Package

Mountain Range
Cobequid Mountain Range Ride
Trail Riding Adventures
Wards Falls Scenic Trail
Scenic River
Scenic River Trail Ride
Fundy Beach
Bay of Fundy Beach Ride
Tidal Floor
Tidal Floor and Clarke’s Head Ride
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