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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? The answer may be below. Here is a list of the most common questions we receive. If you can't find an answer, please contact us!


What is my experience with horses?

  1. Novice/Beginner: Has ridden a horse 0-5 times, 0-3 riding lessons, no formal shows or competitions.

  2. Intermediate/Experienced: Has ridden a horse consistently for over a year, more than 4 lessons, competed in shows or events.

  3. Advanced: Has ridden more than 3 years consistently, has obtained rider levels through Provincial Equestrian Federation or competed for more than 2 years in shows or events.


What if I have no experience riding horses?


We have well trained quiet horses, and the instructors/owners are experienced in ground work, coaching and trail riding instructions. We have horses that can be ridden by young children or people whom have never ridden before! Your lesson will include basic knowledge of grooming, safe handling and riding. We also have horses for those who have competed and are advanced riders.


Where is Spirit Reins Ranch?


The ranch is only 3 kms from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia just outside town limits! We are approximately 200 kms from Halifax, Nova Scotia and 115 kms from Moncton, New Brunswick.


Do you have boarding facilities for privately owned horses?


Yes! We offer box and straight stalls for board and daily rental. We have well maintained pastures with shelters for turnout and fresh water at all times.


How many people can go on a trail ride?


We can accommodate up to 6 people in a group. The number of guests depends on the riding abilities of the group; beginner riders will benefit from a more private riding experience.


Do you offer English or Western style riding?


We typically use western riding on our trail rides. Riding lessons are beginner through advanced Western Riding. The instructor is a certified Western Rider 4 under Equine Canada.


What kind of safety precautions are taken to ensure I do not get hurt?


We adhere to the policies and practices of Equine Canada, which means helmets, proper foot wear and clothing are required for all riders. *(If you are over 18 and choose to not wear a helmet you must sign a liability waiver). All riders are given a tutorial on how to safely handle a horse in an emergency before mounting your horse. The owner has her emergency first aid course.


What are your hours of operation?


For all trail rides please call and book in advance. 1-902-254-4268 or 1-902-254-4262. Trail rides operate seasonally from spring until late fall. For the lesson program hours are Monday to Saturday usually between 10 AM and 6 PM. For those boarding or leasing a horse, they may use our facilities at their own schedule as agreed upon with the owners.


Do we still ride if the weather is unfit?


We do not usually cancel lessons due to inclement weather, as ground work and other instruction can take place indoors. Trail rides may be cancelled due to inclement weather (at no cost to the guest). Guests will be given notice if Spirit Reins Ranch must cancel their trail ride or lesson, and another will be scheduled at the next earliest convenience.

Can you accommodate customized groups or youth groups for trail rides?


Yes, we can do customized groups and youth groups. Contact us for more information. 

Is there certain clothing required for riding lessons or trail rides?


All riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet. Please dress appropriately for the climate. Proper riding attire includes: a well-helmet (available in our tack room). Riding boots, hiking boots or rubber boots are all acceptable footwear; a heel and non-slip material is ideal. Long pants, preferably jeans or non-slip material. Improper riding attire: sandals, flip flops, bathing suits, shorts, sweatpants or dresses/skirts.


Is there an age limit for trail rides and lessons?


Children must be at least 10 years of age to ride on trails. Children as young as 6 years may take lessons. There is no upper age limit for lessons or trail rides! This may vary on an individual basis please discuss with the instructor as each person has different abilities.


Are riders allowed to ride alone unaccompanied?


Students or trail riders may not ride unaccompanied as per our insurance and safety regulations. Boarders at the ranch aged 12 and up may ride unaccompanied.


Why do people ride horses?


Riding is a great physical activity and can be challenging for both horse and rider. Riding and being around horses is great for building confidence and trust for both rider and horse. Many people who want to get into riding are choosing trail riding for a fun recreational activity. Riding horses is enjoyable when done safely and with proper instruction. Riding teaches technical skills, confidence and team work, while learning how to develop a working partnership with horses. Riding horses can be a very satisfying experience when approached with respect for the animal as well as for the learning process.

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