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Scenic River Trail Ride

Rating: Low to Medium difficulty. Beginner, intermediate to advanced riders.

Scenic River Trail Ride

You will be guided on horseback through pasture land across a river and up to the crest of blueberry hills where you will rest
 for a period to enjoy a stunning view of the mountains and
 surrounding farm lands. You will resume riding on a wooded trail where you may see a variety of wildlife such as deer, partridge, fox, beaver and bald eagles. Or you can choose a ride along an old country road and into pasture land to arrive at MacAloney Lake.


Choose options: Rides from the Ranch 1- 2 hours depending on rider experience.


**Note: This ride is not available during the months of July and August.



  • $65 per person per hour.

We do not accept online booking at this time, please contact us to book your trail ride adventure!

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