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Wards Falls Scenic Trail

Rating: Low to medium difficulty. Rocky terrain with brook crossings (beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.)

Warden Falls Scenic Trail
Warden Falls Scenic Trail

Enjoy this unique adventure through a geologically significant canyon gorge. Wards Falls is an 8 km ride along a meandering brook through a wooded trail in Wards Brook valley. Take in the sounds of nature deep in the woods as you follow the mountain river to Wards Falls. This area is rich in cultural and geological significance. The canyon gorge shows rock formations that are evidence of Pangaea and the continental drift, that occurred over 300 million years ago. At the falls we will stop for a break, where you will have time to explore the sights of the waterfall and canyon gorge.


2 hours


Fee: $150 per person.

We do not accept online booking at this time, please contact us to book your trail ride adventure!

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